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The Four Maidens: Part 2
The cave was making Cameron freak out, to say the least. Although he did have some traces of claustrophobia, it was really wide-open spaces that made him the most scared. After all, he was always a little apprehensive towards nature as a whole, especially the expansive maze of trees his friends constantly dragged himself into. All he ever wanted to do was hang out with them and maybe play some video games, but no, Kyle always wanted to go on some type of "adventure". Some adventure this turned out to be. Here he was, trapped inside a seemingly endless cavern lit only by the glowing crystals on the walls and ceiling. If this would be a video game, Cameron would be impressed, but since this was an actual, real-life experience of his, he just wanted to go home.
It was in the middle of his depression that the ten years old noticed a literal light at the end of the tunnel. Finally, a way out! Picking up his pace, he ran towards the hole, only to see the last thing he would have expected in
:icondancingspartan:DancingSpartan 64 12
Mature content
Magical Girl Transformation :iconschopenhauer1:Schopenhauer1 17 3
Mature content
The Fusion Gem :iconfaehunters:Faehunters 55 4
Saving Lives TGTF
It was freezing freaking cold outside and Ryu wasn't prepared for the gusts that had unexpectedly kicked up on his walk home from school. His flimsy jacket and baggy pants were not the best way to beat the cold, and he wished he had listened to the weather report that morning instead of sleeping in. Well, if he had gotten up earlier he might have also been smarter with what he wore to school. The morning had been relatively mild but a snowstorm found its way to the edge of town during classes and now made Ryu's life miserable. He cursed as more wind pushed through the buildings and turned his nerves into ice blocks.
He looked up in time to see a dark cloud, jutting from the main clump like the middle finger of God, become like a roof above him. Snow started to fall, first tiny flakes, but quickly huge ones that stuck to the ground.
"Shit!" Ryu shivered and looked for a restaurant or somewhere to hide from the snowstorm.
He quickly found that no place was open, everyone was at home prep
:icontgtf:TGTF 50 6
Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu - Emilia :iconkirahokuten:KiraHokuten 247 7
The Four Maidens: Part 1
"Come on, guys! Where's your fighting spirit?!"
"Kyle, this isn't a video game you know!"
It was an average summer day, with the small town bustling with events thanks to the lack of school. For these four boys, Kyle, Cameron, Henry, and Matt, their form of enjoyment came in the local Black Forest. Now, not many kids would spend their summer there, but this particular group of friends enjoyed just wandering around the forest, playing any kind of game their little minds would come up with.
The loud one was Kyle, a curious kid with a compass always pointed towards adventure. He was 4'6 with brown eyes and equally colored hair. Nothing kept him down for long, as he was always a positive source of fun.
Next to him was Matt, who was a year younger and personally hated going near water. It was an endless source of hazing for the poor kid. He had red hair and green eyes, being about 4'5 tall. Despite being in the grade below two of the kids, they always got together during lunch periods and o
:icondancingspartan:DancingSpartan 119 36
Lost in Time (Tracer TF)
Throughout history, mankind has always sought out new, unexplored lands. As a species, we are always aiming to reach new horizons, and push back the boundaries of what is possible. The land, the seas, the sky, and even space, the final frontier, have fallen to mankind’s desire for the unknown. But one realm had always seemed untouchable, forever taunting us making us wonder what lie beyond.
No one knows what the future holds, or what the distant past was like. As such, time travel has always been a fascinating topic amongst mankind. And yet, it had always been science fiction rather than science fact. Until now.
As plenty of conspiracy theorists had probably guessed at some point in their lives, in a secret government facility, somewhere in the middle of nowhere, scientists were working on turning science fiction into science fact. Time travel was fast becoming a real possibility. Although the past was still currently off limits, tests on sending things into the future were
:iconclockworkmelody:clockworkMelody 53 3
Mature content
Contract? Part One-Kirika Kure TG :icontgtf:TGTF 54 14
Mature content
Anima Awakening Chapter 1: A Magical Girl TG :iconschopenhauer1:Schopenhauer1 32 6
Mature content
Power of Change (BE/TG) :iconevanjdaniels:evanJdaniels 72 13
The Writings of the Scholar Lucard :icontf-wizard:TF-Wizard 93 74 Vocaloid Life: A Request for TGVocals :iconclydejac:clydejac 70 1 Its' Morphin' Time 14/14- Finale :iconmrinternetman:MrInternetMan 51 4
The RWBY TF Saga - Cold as Ice (Weiss TF)
“Alex, people are staring at us.”
“You’re just imagining things. And remember what I told you back home? It’s ‘Yang’.”
It had been a little under a week since Alex and Ryan found themselves transformed into Yang and Ruby from RWBY. For the most part, they had coped with it fairly well, until they started running low on food. They were currently out at the grocery store, and as Ryan had feared, their less-than-normal outfits were attracting a bit of attention.
Ryan sighed at Alex’s reply. “Do I really have to call you that?”
“Well, unless you want to attract even more attention by calling me by a guy’s name-“
“Alex is a gender neutral name!”
Alex just rolled his eyes. He had really enjoyed the past week in Yang’s body, and was perfectly fine with the idea that he might be stuck like this forever. In fact, he was starting to hope there was no way back, a fact that bothered Ryan to no end
:iconclockworkmelody:clockworkMelody 83 13
A Life to Wish For: Olivia TF/TG (Request)
Requested by Anonymous
This is the story of Olivia. Olivia was a beautiful woman who (sort of) secretly loved dancing. It was the only thing she ever felt she was good at, and she traveled the world performing for others. Her biggest dream was to open up a theater! There was one problem with that: Olivia was very shy. She was shy in nature around others, embarrassed to dance in front of them, and it carried over to a sense of stage fright.
She wasn't very good at fighting, especially during her encounter with the evil Mustafa. Thankfully, a man named Chrom and his army successfully defeated him, despite how Mustafa let Olivia go. As Chrom and his army went to fight Gangrel, Olivia volunteered to aid their cause by dancing for them, which really boosted the morale of the troops, and enough for Chrom to make her a part of the team.
Olivia has been trained to wield a sword, but she is not so skilled at it and it's her dancing that makes her a valuable team member. It's been a big help for
:iconcrazynaut:CrazyNaut 57 4
Practice Quickie - Sebastian to Viola TG :iconkaiza-tg:KAIZA-TG 197 14




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